Commit c90579b7 authored by Frank Denis's avatar Frank Denis


parent 9b5948d6
* Version 2.0.16
- On Unix-like systems, the server can run as an unprivileged user,
and the main process will automatically restart if an error occurs.
- pledge() on OpenBSD.
- New "offline" mode to serve queries locally without contacting any
upstream servers. This can be especially useful along with the
cloaking module for local development.
- New logo.
- TTL of OPT records is properly ignored by the caching module.
- The proxy doesn't quit any more if new TCP connections cannot be
* Version 2.0.15
- Support for proxies (HTTP/SOCKS) was added. All it takes to route
all TCP queries to Tor is add `proxy = "socks5://"` to
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ import (
const (
AppVersion = "2.0.15"
AppVersion = "2.0.16"
DefaultConfigFileName = "dnscrypt-proxy.toml"
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