Commit fd9e97a5 authored by Frank Denis's avatar Frank Denis

Pad only once

parent 436125e8
...@@ -274,9 +274,6 @@ func (xTransport *XTransport) DoHQuery(useGet bool, url *url.URL, body []byte, t ...@@ -274,9 +274,6 @@ func (xTransport *XTransport) DoHQuery(useGet bool, url *url.URL, body []byte, t
qs.Add("ct", "") qs.Add("ct", "")
encBody := base64.RawURLEncoding.EncodeToString(body) encBody := base64.RawURLEncoding.EncodeToString(body)
qs.Add("dns", encBody) qs.Add("dns", encBody)
if padding != nil {
qs.Add("random_padding", *padding)
url2 := *url url2 := *url
url2.RawQuery = qs.Encode() url2.RawQuery = qs.Encode()
return xTransport.Get(&url2, dataType, timeout) return xTransport.Get(&url2, dataType, timeout)
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