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      Mainly revert 869d44c3 · a938eeff
      Frank Denis authored
      Fixing #304 doesn't look trivial
      The service module needs to know the arguments right away.
      The arguments haven't been parsed yet. And if we do, we will prevent
      further arguments to be added to the set. Including the ones added
      by the service module itself.
      So, we have quite of a circular dependency here.
      If someone with some Go knowledge can fix that, that would be amazing.
      But it's probably never going to happen.
      Meanwhile, we can try to save the current directory and document
      that we have to be in that directory when running the install command.
      Which is not going to work on Windows, so this is a big fucking mess
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      Include the -config option in the installed service · c88e480a
      Frank Denis authored
      Untested on Linux and Windows. Fear.
      Fixes #304
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      Reorder · 869d44c3
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