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chinese/Bugs/Reporting.wml: 1.22 -> 1.23
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......@@ -280,27 +280,26 @@ Source: <var>foopackage</var>
the equivalent of <code>Package:</code> for bugs present in the source
package of foopackage; for most bugs in most packages you don't want
to use this option.
<code>Package:</code> 头的等价形式,用于指出在名为 foopackage
<h2><a name="control">控制指令</a></h2>
Control: <var>control commands</var>
Control: <var>具体控制指令</var>
Allows for any of the commands which must be sent to
<code></code> to work when sent to <code></code> or
<code></code>. -1 initially refers to the current
bug (that is, the bug created by a mail to submit@ or the bug
messaged with nnn@). Please see <a href="server-control">the
server control documentation</a> for more information on the
control commands which are valid.</p>
使得所有本应由 <code></code>
接收的控制指令可以同样由发送至 <code></code>
或者 <code></code> 的邮件等效地被服务器处理。
指令中出现的 -1 将代指当前缺陷报告编号(即,发送至 submit@
的邮件即将创建的缺陷报告编号或发送至 nnn@ 的邮件中的编号)。
请浏览<a href="server-control">BTS服务器控制指令文档</a>以了解具体的可用控制指令。
<p>For example, the following pseudoheader in a message sent
to <code></code>:</p>
<p>例如,下面给出了发送至 <code></code>
Control: retitle -1 this is the title
......@@ -309,33 +308,31 @@ Control: summary -1 0
Control: forward -1
<p>would cause 12345 to be retitled, its severity changed, summary set,
and marked as forwarded.</p>
<p>将使得编号为 12345 的缺陷报告得到更名、其严重等级被修改、其简介信息得到设置并
<h2>X-Debbugs- 信头</h2>
<p>Finally, if your
<acronym title="Mail User Agent" lang="en">MUA</acronym>
doesn't allow you to edit the headers, you can
set the various <code>X-Debbugs-</code> headers in the
<a href="#pseudoheader">pseudo-headers</a>.</p>
<acronym title="邮件用户代理" lang="zh">MUA</acronym>
不允许您编辑信头,您可以在<a href="#pseudoheader">伪信头</a>区域设置各个 <code>X-Debbugs-</code>
<h2>Different submission addresses (minor or mass bug reports)</h2>
<p>If a bug report is minor, for example, a documentation typo or a trivial
build problem, please adjust the severity appropriately and send it to
<code></code> instead of <code></code>.
<code>maintonly</code> will forward the report to the package maintainer
only, it won't forward it to the BTS mailing lists.</p>
<code></code> 而非 <code></code>。
<code>maintonly</code> 将只会把报告转发至软件包维护者,它不会将其转发到
BTS 邮件列表中。</p>
<p>If you're submitting many reports at once, you should definitely use
<code></code> so that you don't cause too much redundant
traffic on the BTS mailing lists. Before submitting many similar bugs you
may also want to post a summary on <code>debian-bugs-dist</code>.</p>
<p>如果您打算同时提交许多报告,您肯定应当使用 <code></code>
来避免为 BTS 邮件列表带来瞬时大量的流量。
在提交许多相似的问题报告之前,也请考虑在 <code>debian-bugs-dist</code>
<p>If wish to report a bug to the bug tracking system that's already been
sent to the maintainer, you can use <code></code>. Bugs sent to
......@@ -380,7 +377,7 @@ contain error messages which should be read and acted upon.</p>
match FROM_DAEMON.</p>
<h2>Bug reports against unknown packages</h2>
<p>If the bug tracking system doesn't know who the maintainer of the
relevant package is it will forward the report to
......@@ -408,7 +405,7 @@ grep)</code></p>
installed by using <code>dpkg --list</code> or <code>dpkg --status</code>.
<p>For example:</p>
$ which apt-get
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