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chinese: Bugs/Reporting.wml: some more translations

CVS version numbers

chinese/Bugs/Reporting.wml: 1.23 -> 1.24
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......@@ -334,34 +334,33 @@ BTS 邮件列表中。</p>
在提交许多相似的问题报告之前,也请考虑在 <code>debian-bugs-dist</code>
<p>If wish to report a bug to the bug tracking system that's already been
sent to the maintainer, you can use <code></code>. Bugs sent to
<code></code> will not be forwarded anywhere, only filed.</p>
<p>When you use different submission addresses, the bug tracking system will
set the <code>Reply-To</code> of any forwarded message so that the replies
will by default be processed in the same way as the original report. That
means that, for example, replies to <code>maintonly</code> will go to
<var>nnn</var><code></code> instead of
<var>nnn</var><code></code>, unless of course one overrides this
<p>Normally, the bug tracking system will return an acknowledgement to you
by e-mail when you report a new bug or submit additional information to an
existing bug. If you want to suppress this acknowledgement, include an
<code>X-Debbugs-No-Ack</code> header or pseudoheader in your e-mail
(the contents of this header do not matter). If you report a new bug
with this header, you will need to check the web interface yourself to
find the bug number.</p>
<p>Note that this header will not suppress acknowledgements from the
<code></code> mailserver, since those acknowledgements may
contain error messages which should be read and acted upon.</p>
<h2>Spamfighting and missing mail</h2>
发送至 <code></code>
<code>Reply-To</code> 这一信头设置为与原始报告性质相同的回复地址。
例如,对 <code>maintonly</code> 报告的回复将默认发送至
<var>nnn</var><code></code> 而非
<code>X-Debbugs-No-Ack</code> 一栏(其具体内容无关紧要)。
<p>请注意这个信头不会停止来自 <code></code>
<p>The bug tracking system implements a rather extensive set of rules
designed to make sure that spam does not make it through the BTS.
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