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chinese: Bugs/Reporting.wml: more translations again

CVS version numbers

chinese/Bugs/Reporting.wml: 1.24 -> 1.25
parent 4a081ccc
......@@ -362,25 +362,21 @@ BTS 邮件列表中。</p>
<p>The bug tracking system implements a rather extensive set of rules
designed to make sure that spam does not make it through the BTS.
While we try to minimize the number of false positives, they do
occur. If you suspect your mail has triggered a false positive, feel
free to contact <code></code> for assistance.
Another common cause of mail not making it through to the BTS is
utilizing addresses which match procmail's FROM_DAEMON, which
includes mail from addresses like <code></code>. If
you suspect your mail matches FROM_DAEMON,
see <a href="">procmailrc(5)</a>
to verify, and then resend the mail using an address which does not
match FROM_DAEMON.</p>
如果您怀疑您的邮件被错误拦截的话,请联系 <code></code>
procmail 中 FROM_DAEMON 项的邮件地址,通常包括类似于
<code></code> 的邮件地址。如果您怀疑您的邮件匹配了
FROM_DAEMON 特征,请阅读 <a href="">procmailrc(5)</a>
以进行验证,并重新使用不匹配 FROM_DAEMON 的新邮件地址重新发送邮件。</p>
<p>If the bug tracking system doesn't know who the maintainer of the
relevant package is it will forward the report to
<code>debian-bugs-dist</code> even if <code>maintonly</code> was used.</p>
<code>debian-bugs-dist</code> 邮件列表,且无论是否使用
<code>maintonly</code> 都将进行转发。</p>
<p>When sending to <code></code> or
<var>nnn</var><code></code> you should make sure that
......@@ -391,8 +387,7 @@ or by using <A href="server-control">the
<h2><a name="findpkgver">Using <code>dpkg</code> to find the package and
version for the report</a></h2>
<h2><a name="findpkgver">使用<code>dpkg</code>寻找报告对应的软件包及其版本号</a></h2>
<p>When using <code>reportbug</code> to report a bug in a command, say
<code>grep</code>, the following will automatically select the right package
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