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    Update to English originals. · e6a59ad7
    Juraj Kubelka authored
     - revert to using the common include file, which includes gobs of
       HTML, with translatable strings being gettextized; skipped excess
       define-tag'ing in pkgreport-opts.inc, it's not necessary
     - these strings are fixed (and not translatable), put them in the
       common file... also, generate them from variables which can be
       bluntly pasted from active debbugs configuration on bugs.d.o
     - expanded the explanatory sentence for in something that people
       might actually understand :) it should probably be moved to be
       above both columns, because it applies to the other search fields
       as well, not just _fo_searchkey
    CVS version numbers
    czech/Bugs/index.wml: 1.7 -> 1.8
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