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      debian/config: Add config variable to control module signing in linux-signed · 516d9dac
      Ben Hutchings authored
      - Enable it by default
      - Disable it for armel/marvell since signature verification is not enabled.
      - Disable it for mips and mipsel so linux-signed can be uploaded without
        waiting for them to build
      - Disable it for all architectures not in the main archive, as linux-signed
        won't support them (at least, not initially).
      We don't need a variable to control signing of the image, because
      we should do that for all flavours that have CONFIG_EFI_STUB=y.
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      Reorganise sparc config files · 2465c4c2
      Ben Hutchings authored
      sparc/config is shared with sparc64, so move it to
      kernelarch-sparc/config where it will be automatically used for both
      of them.
      sparc/config.sparc64 and sparc/config.sparc64-smp are also shared, so
      move them to kernelarch-sparc/config-up and
      kernelarch-sparc/config-smp respectively.
      svn path=/dists/trunk/linux/; revision=21267
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      Merge install-image_$(ARCH)_$(FEATURESET)_$(FLAVOUR)_plain_image rules · d37c2538
      Ben Hutchings authored
      The filename of the kernel image to be installed, and the stem of the
      installed name, varies between architectures, so we define several
      different rules to install it for different sets of architectures.
      However the basic fact that we need to install this file in /boot does
      We also duplicate this name information in gencontrol.py and in
      debian/config/{armel,armhf,sh4}/defines (used by buildcheck.py).
      To address this:
      * Define [image]install-stem and [build]image-file for each architecture
      * Copy these settings to make-flags in gencontrol.py
      * Copy [image]install-stem to the image-stem template variable in
      * Replace the per-architecture rules with a single rule using those
      The per-architecture rules for ARM and PowerPC also installed DTB
      and DTS files, respectively.  Include those commands in the single
      rule with appropriate conditions around them.
      svn path=/dists/trunk/linux/; revision=21253
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