Commit 54b779d7 authored by Ansgar's avatar Ansgar

show-deferred: drop check for binary-NEW packages

The .changes file may no longer have a "Binary" field since
4c22c773 for source-only uploads.

One could look at the .dsc instead, but in the end this would need
duplicating more logic from to handle binaries not built in
Debian correctly.  Dropping the check makes binary-NEW uploads in the
deferred queue available, but that seems acceptable.
parent 177409d6
......@@ -197,11 +197,6 @@ def get_upload_data(changesfn):
if 'unstable' not in suites and 'experimental' not in suites:
isnew = 1
for b in achanges['binary'].split():
suites = get_suites_binary_in(b)
if 'unstable' not in suites and 'experimental' not in suites:
isnew = 1
if not isnew:
# we don't link .changes because we don't want other people to
# upload it with the existing signature.
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