Commit 851a0729 authored by Joerg Jaspert's avatar Joerg Jaspert 🇩🇪

Shutup grep

parent b6ed0965
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ while read mfile; do
# *shouldnt* list multiple. Also, even if it does, we don*t
# care. It shows us snapshot has it, which is all we care
# about.
if grep --max-count=1 ${mshasum} ${HASHFILE}; then
if grep -q --max-count=1 ${mshasum} ${HASHFILE}; then
# Yes, lets symlink it
# Yay for tons of dangling symlinks, but when this is done a rsync
# will run and transfer the whole shitload of links over to the morgue host.
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