Commit 9bddeace authored by Joerg Jaspert's avatar Joerg Jaspert 🇩🇪

Let link_morgue lookup shasums locally.

Fetch a file with a list of all of them at start.
parent bc803d92
......@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ Host external-security
User dak
IdentityFile /srv/
User dak
IdentityFile /srv/
Host upload-master
User dak
......@@ -80,6 +80,29 @@ PROCESSDIR="${base}/morgue"
NOW=$(date -Is)
# We have to prepare our file with list of hashes. We get it directly
# from the snapshot db. Thats a costly operation taking some 15 or so
# minutes, but still better than the rate limiting we run into when
# using the web api.
# The preparehashes is an otion the ssh forced command on the remote
# host uses to generate a nice file with hashes, one per line. It does
# so by running something like "psql service=snapshot-guest -c "select
# hash from file" > somefile", then packs the file. To not stress the
# db host too much with that query, it only refreshes the file if its
# older than 24 hours.
ssh ${DBHOST} preparehashes
# And now we get us the file here, so we can easily lookup hashes.
# (the rsync uses the same ssh key and runs into the forced command.
# That just knows to send the file for rsync instead of preparing it.)
cd "${dbdir}"
rsync ${DBHOST}:/srv/ ${HASHFILE}.gz
gunzip --keep ${HASHFILE}.gz
log "Processing ${PROCESSDIR}"
......@@ -111,14 +134,17 @@ while read mfile; do
ln -sf "${FARMBASE}/${LVL1}/${LVL2}/${mshasum}" "${mfile}"
# If we run wherever, use curl and the http interface
if out=$(curl --fail --show-error --silent --max-time 120 --head ${FARMURL}/${mshasum} 2>&1); then
# Now lookup the hash. stop after first hit, its shasums, it
# *shouldnt* list multiple. Also, even if it does, we don*t
# care. It shows us snapshot has it, which is all we care
# about.
if grep --max-count=1 ${mshasum} ${HASHFILE}; then
# Yes, lets symlink it
# Yay for tons of dangling symlinks, but when this is done a rsync
# will run and transfer the whole shitload of links over to the morgue host.
ln -sf "${FARMBASE}/${LVL1}/${LVL2}/${mshasum}" "${mfile}"
echo $out > "${mfile}.nosnapshot" || true
echo "No shasum found for ${mfile} at ${NOW}" > "${mfile}.nosnapshot" || true
done # for mfile in...
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