Commit d0ed60b0 authored by Ansgar's avatar Ansgar

show-deferred: use True/False instead of 1/0

parent 54b779d7
......@@ -192,10 +192,10 @@ def get_upload_data(changesfn):
with utils.open_file(changesfn) as f:
fingerprint = SignedFile(, keyrings=get_active_keyring_paths(), require_signature=False).fingerprint
if "Show-Deferred::LinkPath" in Cnf:
isnew = 0
isnew = False
suites = get_suites_source_in(achanges['source'])
if 'unstable' not in suites and 'experimental' not in suites:
isnew = 1
isnew = True
if not isnew:
# we don't link .changes because we don't want other people to
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