Commit 2ad245c8 authored by Michael Gilbert's avatar Michael Gilbert

add mistakenly ommited cve ids to the previous changelog

parent d62664ae
chromium-browser (67.0.3396.87-1~deb9u1) stretch-security; urgency=medium
* New upstream stable release.
- CVE-2018-6118: Use after free in Media Cache. Reported by Ned Williamson
- CVE-2018-6120: Heap buffer overflow in PDFium. Reported by Zhou Aiting
- CVE-2018-6121: Privilege Escalation in extensions.
- CVE-2018-6122: Type confusion in V8.
- CVE-2018-6123: Use after free in Blink. Reported by Looben Yang
- CVE-2018-6124: Type confusion in Blink. Reported by Guang Gong
- CVE-2018-6125: Overly permissive policy in WebUSB. Reported by Yubico
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