Commit 93d31827 authored by Bernd Eckenfels's avatar Bernd Eckenfels

i am sorry for that double change, didnt noticed, my cvs change mail seems

to be mising
parent 8168205e
......@@ -232,7 +232,6 @@ installbin:
install -m 0755 rarp ${BASEDIR}/sbin
install -m 0755 route ${BASEDIR}/sbin
install -m 0755 slattach $(BASEDIR)/sbin
install -m 0755 nameif $(BASEDIR)/sbin
ifeq ($(HAVE_IP_TOOLS),1)
install -m 0755 ipmaddr $(BASEDIR)/sbin
install -m 0755 iptunnel $(BASEDIR)/sbin
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