Commit c0b5f907 authored by Phil Blundell's avatar Phil Blundell

Change NET-LIB to NET_LIB to avoid problems with new make.

parent 7497ee92
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ else
TOPDIR := $(shell if [ "$$PWD" != "" ]; then echo $$PWD; else pwd; fi)
CFLAGS = $(COPTS) -I. -idirafter ./include/ -I$(NET_LIB_PATH)
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ version.h: Makefile
@echo "#define RELEASE \"net-tools $(RELEASE)\"" >version.h
$(NET-LIB): config.h version.h intl.h libdir
$(NET_LIB): config.h version.h intl.h libdir
i18n.h: i18ndir
......@@ -184,34 +184,34 @@ i18ndir:
@for i in $(SUBDIRS); do $(MAKE) -C $$i $(MDEFINES) ; done
ifconfig: $(NET-LIB) ifconfig.o
ifconfig: $(NET_LIB) ifconfig.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o ifconfig ifconfig.o $(NLIB) $(RESLIB)
hostname: hostname.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o hostname hostname.o $(DNLIB)
route: $(NET-LIB) route.o
route: $(NET_LIB) route.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o route route.o $(NLIB) $(RESLIB)
arp: $(NET-LIB) arp.o
arp: $(NET_LIB) arp.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o arp arp.o $(NLIB) $(RESLIB)
rarp: $(NET-LIB) rarp.o
rarp: $(NET_LIB) rarp.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o rarp rarp.o $(NLIB)
slattach: $(NET-LIB) slattach.o
slattach: $(NET_LIB) slattach.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o slattach slattach.o $(NLIB)
plipconfig: $(NET-LIB) plipconfig.o
plipconfig: $(NET_LIB) plipconfig.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o plipconfig plipconfig.o $(NLIB)
netstat: $(NET-LIB) netstat.o statistics.o
netstat: $(NET_LIB) netstat.o statistics.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o netstat netstat.o statistics.o $(NLIB) $(RESLIB)
iptunnel: $(NET-LIB) iptunnel.o
iptunnel: $(NET_LIB) iptunnel.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o iptunnel iptunnel.o $(NLIB) $(RESLIB)
ipmaddr: $(NET-LIB) ipmaddr.o
ipmaddr: $(NET_LIB) ipmaddr.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o ipmaddr ipmaddr.o $(NLIB) $(RESLIB)
mii-tool: mii-tool.o
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