Commit 88a8dee4 authored by James Vasile's avatar James Vasile

Use affero, not gplv3. Thanks to Mathieu Jourdan

parent 9da6618e
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This is the fabric file I've been using to deploy things on my box
# and my freedombox.
# fab install should take you from base freedom-maker install to
# plinth box
import os,sys, subprocess
import simplejson as json
import fabric.api
from fabric.api import local, env, cd, put, get, task
import cfg
fb_ip = ""
BINDIR = "/usr/local/bin"
# defaults
env.user = 'root'
def fb():
"Use this to set host to our freedombox (e.g.: fab fb deploy)"
env.hosts = [fb_ip]
def all_hosts():
"Use this to set host to both localhost and freedombox"
env.hosts = ["localhost", ""]
def remote_dir():
if == fb_ip:
return "/usr/local/share/plinth"
return "/home/james/src/plinth"
def run(*args, **kwargs):
if == "localhost" or"":
return local(*args, **kwargs)
return*args, **kwargs)
def sudo(*args, **kwargs):
if == "localhost" or"":
return run("sudo %s" % args[0], *args[1:], **kwargs)
elif env.user == "root":
return run(*args, **kwargs)
return fabric.api.sudo(*args, **kwargs)
def get_remote_data_dir():
with cd(remote_dir()):
data_dir = run('python -c "import cfg; print cfg.data_dir"')
env.remote_data_dir = os.path.join(remote_dir(), data_dir)
sudo('mkdir -p %s' % env.remote_data_dir)
return env.remote_data_dir
def move_data():
"Move install's data dir to where cfg specifies it should be"
with cd(remote_dir()):
sudo('mv data %s' % os.path.split(env.remote_data_dir)[0])
def make():
"Run the makefile, which generates docs and templates"
with cd(remote_dir()):
def make_link_unless_exists(src, dest):
sudo('test -f %s || ln -s %s %s' % (dest, src, dest))
def link(src, dest):
sudo('ln -fs %s %s' % (src, dest))
def santiago():
"Setup the Santiago port"
santiago_port = 52854
sudo('ifconfig lo up') # or else tor start fails
sudo('apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends tor curl ntp')
# tor needs accurate clock
sudo('date -s "%s"' % subprocess.check_output("date").rstrip())
# create tor hidden service dir
santiago_dir = os.path.join(get_remote_data_dir(), "santiago", "tor")
tor_dir = os.path.join(santiago_dir, "general")
sudo("mkdir -p " + tor_dir)
sudo("chown debian-tor:debian-tor " + tor_dir)
# ensure hidden service config is in torrc
local("rm -rf __fab__torrc")
get("/etc/tor/torrc", "__fab__torrc")
with open ("__fab__torrc", 'r') as INF:
rc =
local("rm -rf __fab__torrc")
hidden_service_config = "HiddenServiceDir %s\nHiddenServicePort 80" % (tor_dir, santiago_port)
if not hidden_service_config in rc:
sudo("echo '%s' >> /etc/tor/torrc" % hidden_service_config)
sudo('service tor restart')
def backslash_path(f):
if not f.startswith('/'):
f = os.path.abs(f)
if f == '/':
return ''
path, ret = os.path.split(f)
return backslash_path(path) + '\/' + ret
def apache():
"configure apache to find reverse proxy for plinth"
sudo('apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y apache2 libapache2-mod-proxy-html apache2-utils openssl ssl-cert')
sudo('a2enmod proxy_http rewrite ssl')
sudo('touch /var/log/apache2/rewrite.log')
## ssl key and cert
ssl_target = "/etc/apache2/ssl/apache.pem"
sudo('mkdir -p %s' % os.path.split(ssl_target)[0])
sudo('test -f %s || echo "US\nNY\nNYC\nFBox\n\n\n" | openssl req -new -x509 -days 999 -nodes -out %s -keyout %s' % (ssl_target, ssl_target, ssl_target))
conf_path = os.path.join(remote_dir(), "share/apache2/plinth.conf")
sudo("mkdir -p " + os.path.split(conf_path)[0])
sudo("touch "+ conf_path)
sudo(r"sed -i 's/\(\s*\)DocumentRoot.*/\1DocumentRoot %s/g' %s" % (
backslash_path(os.path.join(remote_dir(), "static")),
link(conf_path, "/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/plinth.conf")
sudo('rm -f /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default')
sudo('service apache2 restart')
def deps():
"Basic plinth dependencies"
sudo('apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y python make python-cheetah pandoc python-simplejson python-pyme')
def update():
"Copy modified git-tracked files from this branch to remote"
with cd(remote_dir()):
## Get .fab contents
sudo("touch .fab")
fab = run("cat .fab")
if not fab:
fab = {}
## Make list of files to put
fab = json.loads(fab)
branch = [a[2:] for a in local("git branch", capture=True).split("\n") if a.startswith('*')][0]
files = local("git ls-tree -r --name-only %s" % branch, capture=True).split("\n")
files = local("git diff --stat " + fab['last_update_from_commit'], capture=True).split("\n")[:-1]
files = [f.lstrip().split("|")[0].rstrip() for f in files]
## Put the files, one by one, respecting directories
dirs = {}
for pathspec in files:
d,fname = os.path.split(pathspec)
if not d in dirs.keys():
if dirs:
sudo('mkdir -p %s' % ' '.join([os.path.join(remote_dir(), d) for d in dirs.keys()]))
for d in dirs:
for f in dirs[d]:
if os.path.islink(f):
linked = local("ls -l %s" % f, capture=True).split("-> ")[1]
#link(os.path.join(remote_dir(), linked), os.path.join(remote_dir(), d, os.path.basename(f)))
put(f, os.path.join(remote_dir(), d),mirror_local_mode=True)
if f.endswith(".py"):
run("rm -f " + os.path.join(remote_dir(), d, os.path.basename)+"c")
## restart
sudo('/etc/init.d/plinth restart')
## Record activity so we only put changed files next time
commit = local("git log -n 1", capture=True).split("\n")[0].split(" ")[1]
fab['last_update_from_commit'] = commit
with open(".fab", 'w') as OUTF:
put(".fab", os.path.join(remote_dir(),".fab"))
local("rm -f .fab")
def link_bin():
"Link executable and init.d script"
# todo: set daemon to point to currect binary
sudo('rm -rf ' + os.path.join(BINDIR, ''))
link(os.path.join(remote_dir(), ""), os.path.join(BINDIR, ''))
sudo('rm -rf /etc/init.d/plinth')
link(os.path.join(remote_dir(), "share/init.d/plinth"), "/etc/init.d/plinth")
def restart():
"Run plinth"
run('/etc/init.d/plinth restart')
def stop():
"Stop plinth"
run('/etc/init.d/plinth stop')
def proxy():
put("", remote_dir())
def deploy():
"Deploy plinth"
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