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    Modified as per review comments (Vasudev Kamat <vasudev@copyninja.info> · 9c329c0a
    scratch-guest authored
    Here is some review before it can be uploaded to Debian archive
    1. Maintainer should Debian India team and you should be marked as
    2. There is a blank line in control file after Build-Depends: field
    3. copyright file says License as GPL that is ambiguous but license text
       reads it as GPL-3+ so please be specific on license
    4. Homepage in control file and Source in copyright points to 2
       different URL, please clarify
    5. Source URL in copyright file does not respond, please provide a
       working URL here.
    6. There is no license information in the source nor in the ttf file
       it just says copyright information so how can we confirm that this is
       indeed GPL-3+?..
    7. If source is indeed GPL what is the prefered format of editing the
       font by upstream?. i.e. how font is generated by upstream?. Is the
       source of font available?. We would prefer to build font from the
       source unless ttf is the prefered format used by upstream to modify
       fonts (I highly doubt it though).
    8. If the source from step 7 can not be built from tools in Debian main
       then font should go to contrib not main.
    Please clarify all these points before it can be uploaded to Debian
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