Commit fefd6bc7 authored by Werner Lemberg's avatar Werner Lemberg

Update to new release.

parent c89f791a
.gnulib @ 4e5925df
Subproject commit 0b95481ce5bd62e3150f0e94a1e3ce3a38fc5b0a
Subproject commit 4e5925df8435cb90d02cd2f1fc392df2ac266baa
ttfautohint 0.93
ttfautohint 0.94
by Werner Lemberg <>
......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ Khaled Hosny <>
Daniel Johnson <>
David Lemon <>
Karsten Lücke <>
Thomas Phinney <>
Eben Sorkin <>
Adam Twardoch <>
Zack Weinberg <>
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ add features to the GUI
-> autocompletion of file names with tab key
handle OT features
-> use HarfBuzz?
-> use HarfBuzz as soon it provides the necessary APIs
control `gasp' table; Adam Twardoch suggest the following:
......@@ -51,8 +51,6 @@ control the minimum stem width
try to `embolden' fonts at small sizes to avoid drop-outs; cf. Infinality
implement `x-height-snapping-exceptions'
make switching between smooth and strong hinting dependent on user-defined
......@@ -92,10 +90,10 @@ make it possible to hint fonts which aren't alphabetic at all, for example,
better control -i output
allow processing of multiple files by using globs as in the Midnight
allow composite fonts already processed by ttfautohint to be processed
again (due to option `hint-with-components' this isn't urgent)
make ttfautohint remember options:
1. collect md5 checksums in a `~/.ttfautohint_history' file so that fonts
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