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    fix(cliTest): Ununpack and copyright cli test fixes · cb9f5c0c
    Gaurav Mishra authored
    fix(.travis.xml): Create fossologytest user and add to pgpass.
    fix(copyright): Fetch Db.conf from make compiled Db.conf
    fix(decider): Added missing Mock objects, files and sequences.
    fix(delagent): Change pg_dump format from tar to sql to eleminate bug in
    PostgreSQL (https://www.postgresql.org/about/news/1834/).
    fix(ununpack): Create new test Db.conf and initialize DB, setup the db
    before test and drop after test.
    fix(lib/c): Change va_arg to va_end as function is returning.
    fix(testing/db/c): Use absolute paths.
    fix(create_test_database): Change the repository path to temporary path.
    feat(testing): Read parameters from Db.conf instead of hard coding.
    chore(mimetype): Split long lines for readability.
    chore(nomos): Remove unwanted lines.
    chore(ununpack): Delegate cleaning testdata to inner folders.
    Signed-off-by: Gaurav Mishra's avatarGaurav Mishra <gmishx@gmail.com>