Commit f0368dac authored by Larry Shi's avatar Larry Shi

revert the permission of Db.conf back to 640, thanks bob

git-svn-id: a5643f74-2041-0410-a2b9-94ffef304a07
parent e339e68f
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ install: all
echo "Installing configuration files..."
if [ ! -f $(DESTDIR)$(CONFPATH)/Db.conf -o "$(OVERWRITE)" ] ; then \
echo "NOTE: using default version for $(DESTDIR)$(CONFPATH)/Db.conf"; \
$(INSTALL) -m 666 defconf/Db.conf $(DESTDIR)$(CONFPATH)/Db.conf; \
$(INSTALL) -m 640 defconf/Db.conf $(DESTDIR)$(CONFPATH)/Db.conf; \
else \
echo "WARNING: $(DESTDIR)$(CONFPATH)/Db.conf already exists."; \
echo " Not overwriting, consider checking it by hand or use the OVERWRITE option."; \
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