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% PLINTH(1) Version 0.1 | Plinth User Manual
% February 2011
% Plinth User Manual
# Introduction
......@@ -8,10 +6,6 @@
plinth - a web front end for administering every aspect of a Freedom Box.
## Synopsis
## Description
The Freedom Box is a net appliance conceived by Eben Moglen. It
......@@ -45,10 +39,14 @@ servers. Basic users should never even know those options exist.
## Getting Started
See the INSTALL file for additional details. Run:
See the INSTALL file for additional details and dependencies. To install run:
$ sudo python install
Run Plinth on the local system with:
$ make
$ sudo plinth
Once make finishes, run Plinth on the local system with:
## Contributing
$ bash
See the HACKING file for contributing to Plinth.
......@@ -40,7 +40,11 @@ oneline.txt: Makefile
@rm -f $@
@ln -s ../$(patsubst %.mdwn,%,$@) $@
if [ -f ../$(patsubst %.mdwn,,$@) ]; then \
ln -s ../$(patsubst %.mdwn,,$@) $@; \
else \
ln -s ../$(patsubst %.mdwn,%,$@) $@; \
../TODO : $(TODO_SOURCES) Makefile
grep -ro --exclude=.git* --exclude=plinth.1 --exclude=*.tex --exclude=*.html \
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