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README: Provide simple instruction for installing FreedomBox

Provide instruction for regular users over instructions for developers.
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# Getting Started # Getting Started
See the file for additional details and dependencies. To install run: To have a running FreedomBox, first install Debian (Buster or higher) on a clean
machine. Then run:
$ sudo python3 install ```
$ sudo apt install freedombox
Run FreedomBox Service (Plinth) on the local system with: Full instructions are available on FreedomBox
[QuickStart]( page.
$ sudo plinth For instructions on running the service on a local machine from source code, see For instructions on setting up for development purposes, see
# Contributing # Contributing
See the [HACKING]( file for contributing to FreedomBox Service (Plinth). See the []( file for contributing to FreedomBox Service (Plinth).
# Localization # Localization
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