Commit 0060099b authored by Simo Sorce's avatar Simo Sorce

Add facility to generate new keys

And tests to test keys creation
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimo Sorce <>
parent db4c6bc4
# Copyright (C) 2015 JWCrypto Project Contributors - see LICENSE file
from binascii import hexlify
from binascii import hexlify, unhexlify
from cryptography.hazmat.backends import default_backend
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives.asymmetric import rsa
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives.asymmetric import ec
from jwcrypto.common import base64url_decode
from jwcrypto.common import base64url_decode, base64url_encode
from jwcrypto.common import json_decode, json_encode
import os
# draft-ietf-jose-json-web-algorithms-24 - 7.4
JWKTypesRegistry = {'EC': 'Elliptic Curve',
......@@ -165,14 +166,102 @@ class JWK(object):
:data:`JWKTypesRegistry` variable. The valid key parameters per
key type are defined in the :data:`JWKValuesregistry` variable.
Alternatively if the 'generate' parameter is provided, with a
valid key type as value then a new key will be generated according
to the defaults or provided key strenght options (type specific).
Valid options per type, when generating new keys:
* oct: size(int)
* RSA: public_exponent(int), size(int)
* EC: curve(str) (one of P-256, P-384, P-521)
:raises InvalidJWKType: if the key type is invalid
:raises InvalidJWKValue: if incorrect or inconsistent parameters
are provided.
self._params = dict()
self._key = dict()
self._unknown = dict()
if 'generate' in kwargs:
def generate_key(self, **kwargs):
params = kwargs.copy()
kty = params['generate']
del params['generate']
gen = getattr(self, '_generate_%s' % kty)
except (KeyError, AttributeError):
raise InvalidJWKType(kty)
def _generate_oct(self, params):
size = 128
if 'size' in params:
size = params['size']
del params['size']
key = os.urandom(size // 8)
params['kty'] = 'oct'
params['k'] = key
self.import_key(**params) # pylint: disable=star-args
def _encode_int(self, i):
I = hex(i).rstrip("L").lstrip("0x")
return base64url_encode(unhexlify((len(I) % 2) * '0' + I))
def _generate_RSA(self, params):
pubexp = 65537
size = 2048
if 'public_exponent' in params:
pubexp = params['public_exponent']
del params['public_exponent']
if 'size' in params:
size = params['size']
del params['size']
key = rsa.generate_private_key(pubexp, size, default_backend())
pn = key.private_numbers()
params['kty'] = 'RSA'
params['n'] = self._encode_int(pn.public_numbers.n)
params['e'] = self._encode_int(pn.public_numbers.e)
params['d'] = self._encode_int(pn.d)
params['p'] = self._encode_int(pn.p)
params['q'] = self._encode_int(pn.q)
params['dp'] = self._encode_int(pn.dmp1)
params['dq'] = self._encode_int(pn.dmq1)
params['qi'] = self._encode_int(pn.iqmp)
self.import_key(**params) # pylint: disable=star-args
def _get_curve_by_name(self, name):
if name == 'P-256':
return ec.SECP256R1()
elif name == 'P-384':
return ec.SECP384R1()
elif name == 'P-521':
return ec.SECP521R1()
raise InvalidJWKValue('Unknown Elliptic Curve Type')
def _generate_EC(self, params):
curve = 'P-256'
if 'curve' in params:
curve = params['curve']
del params['curve']
key = ec.generate_private_key(self._get_curve_by_name(curve),
pn = key.private_numbers()
params['kty'] = 'EC'
params['x'] = self._encode_int(pn.public_numbers.x)
params['y'] = self._encode_int(pn.public_numbers.y)
params['d'] = self._encode_int(pn.private_value)
self.import_key(**params) # pylint: disable=star-args
def import_key(self, **kwargs):
names = list(kwargs.keys())
self._params = dict()
for name in list(JWKParamsRegistry.keys()):
if name in kwargs:
self._params[name] = kwargs[name]
......@@ -183,7 +272,6 @@ class JWK(object):
if kty not in JWKTypesRegistry:
raise InvalidJWKType(kty)
self._key = dict()
for name in list(JWKValuesRegistry[kty].keys()):
if name in kwargs:
self._key[name] = kwargs[name]
......@@ -192,7 +280,6 @@ class JWK(object):
# Unknown key parameters are allowed
# Let's just store them out of the way
self._unknown = dict()
for name in names:
self._unknown[name] = kwargs[name]
while name in names:
......@@ -262,14 +349,8 @@ class JWK(object):
if arg and k['crv'] != arg:
raise InvalidJWKValue('Curve requested is "%s", but '
'key curve is "%s"' % (arg, k['crv']))
if k['crv'] == 'P-256':
return ec.SECP256R1()
elif k['crv'] == 'P-384':
return ec.SECP384R1()
elif k['crv'] == 'P-521':
return ec.SECP521R1()
raise InvalidJWKValue('Unknown Elliptic Curve Type')
return self._get_curve_by_name(k['crv'])
def _check_constraints(self, usage, operation):
use = self._params.get('use', None)
......@@ -184,6 +184,10 @@ class TestJWK(unittest.TestCase):
_ = jwk.JWK(**Useofx5c) # pylint: disable=star-args
_ = jwk.JWK(**RSAPrivateKey) # pylint: disable=star-args
def test_generate_keys(self):
jwk.JWK(generate='oct', size=256)
jwk.JWK(generate='RSA', size=4096)
jwk.JWK(generate='EC', curve='P-521')
# draft-ietf-jose-json-web-signature-41 - A.1
A1_protected = \
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