Commit b1f923d8 authored by Simo Sorce's avatar Simo Sorce

JWE: Add property to change the allowed algorithms

Add the same property just added for the JWS object to the JWE.
Also adds a module level variable with the default allowed algs.
This list regulates both Key Management Algorithms as well as
content encryption algorithms in a single list. There is no name
conflict so combining in one list simplifies use and cause no
Signed-off-by: default avatarSimo Sorce <>
parent 6cf24a1d
......@@ -15,6 +15,11 @@ Classes
.. autodata:: jwcrypto.jwe.default_allowed_algs
......@@ -32,6 +32,19 @@ JWEHeaderRegistry = {'alg': ('Algorithm', True),
'crit': ('Critical', True)}
"""Registry of valid header parameters"""
default_allowed_algs = [
# Key Management Algorithms
'RSA1_5', 'RSA-OAEP', 'RSA-OAEP-256',
'A128KW', 'A192KW', 'A256KW',
'A128GCMKW', 'A192GCMKW', 'A256GCMKW',
'PBES2-HS256+A128KW', 'PBES2-HS384+A192KW', 'PBES2-HS512+A256KW',
# Content Encryption Algoritms
'A128CBC-HS256', 'A192CBC-HS384', 'A256CBC-HS512',
'A128GCM', 'A192GCM', 'A256GCM']
"""Default allowed algorithms"""
# Note: l is the number of bits, which should be a multiple of 16
def _encode_int(n, l):
......@@ -382,14 +395,16 @@ class JWE(object):
def __init__(self, plaintext=None, protected=None, unprotected=None,
aad=None, algs=None):
"""Creates a JWE token.
:param plaintext(bytes): An arbitrary plaintext to be encrypted.
:param protected: A JSON string with the protected header.
:param unprotected: A JSON string with the shared unprotected header.
:param aad(bytes): Arbitrary additional authenticated data
:param algs: An optional list of allowed algorithms
self._allowed_algs = None
self.objects = dict()
self.plaintext = None
if plaintext is not None:
......@@ -407,6 +422,8 @@ class JWE(object):
if unprotected:
_ = json_decode(unprotected) # check header encoding
self.objects['unprotected'] = unprotected
if algs:
self.allowed_algs = algs
# key wrapping mechanisms
def _jwa_RSA1_5(self):
......@@ -456,9 +473,32 @@ class JWE(object):
def _jwa(self, name):
attr = '_jwa_%s' % name.replace('-', '_').replace('+', '_')
return getattr(self, attr)()
fn = getattr(self, attr)
except (KeyError, AttributeError):
raise InvalidJWAAlgorithm()
allowed = self._allowed_algs or default_allowed_algs
if name not in allowed:
raise InvalidJWEOperation('Algorithm not allowed')
return fn()
def allowed_algs(self):
"""Allowed algorithms.
The list of allowed algorithms.
Can be changed by setting a list of algorithm names.
if self._allowed_algs:
return self._allowed_algs
return default_allowed_algs
def allowed_algs(self, algs):
if not isinstance(algs, list):
raise TypeError('Allowed Algs must be a list')
self._allowed_algs = algs
def _merge_headers(self, h1, h2):
for k in list(h1.keys()):
......@@ -641,7 +641,10 @@ class TestJWE(unittest.TestCase):
def test_A5(self):
E = jwe.JWE()
E.deserialize(E_A5_ex, E_A4_ex['key2'])
with self.assertRaises(jwe.InvalidJWEData):
E = jwe.JWE(algs=['A256KW'])
E.deserialize(E_A5_ex, E_A4_ex['key2'])
# draft-ietf-oauth-json-web-token-32
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