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sqlite3 / CVE-2018-20346: unclaim sqlite3, provide rebased patch, express...

sqlite3 / CVE-2018-20346: unclaim sqlite3, provide rebased patch, express doubts, if sqlite3 in wheezy is affected, at all. Second pair of eyes needed.
parent 50e9cde6
......@@ -22,7 +22,14 @@ nss (Roberto C. Sánchez)
NOTE: 20181127: upstream issue made public; working on reproducing vulnerability (roberto)
NOTE: 20181217: Contacted Mozilla security with a request for access to the new BZ issue related to CVE-2018-12404. (roberto)
sqlite3 (Mike Gabriel)
NOTE: 20181221: research on CVE-2018-20346 (Magellan):
NOTE: 20181221: Patch rebased for sqlite3 3.7.13 (wheezy): (paste never expires)
NOTE: 20181221: Not 100% sure if sqlite3 in wheezy is affected at all, it lacks the 64bit length API symbols that
NOTE: 20181221: get used by the proposed upstream fix.
NOTE: 20181221: 64bit length API:
NOTE: 20181221: unclaiming (Mike Gabriel) this package due to inactivity over X-mas and requirement for a second
NOTE: 20181221: pair of eyes from someone who is more fluent in C's memory allocation methods.
wireshark (Thorsten Alteholz)
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