Commit 7120966e authored by Salvatore Bonaccorso's avatar Salvatore Bonaccorso

Revert "data/CVE/list: Mark libjpeg-turbo 1.5.2-2 and earlier as not affected."

Issue is present in at least 1.5.2 upstream as well.

This reverts commit 6a71ea25.
parent 6a71ea25
......@@ -38130,13 +38130,12 @@ CVE-2018-14505 (mitmweb in mitmproxy v4.0.3 allows DNS Rebinding attacks, relate
CVE-2018-14499 (An issue was found in HYBBS through 2016-03-08. There is an XSS ...)
CVE-2018-14498 (get_8bit_row in rdbmp.c in libjpeg-turbo through 1.5.90 and MozJPEG ...)
- libjpeg-turbo <not-affected>
- libjpeg-turbo <undetermined>
- mozjpeg <itp> (bug #741487)
NOTE: PoC data:
NOTE: PoC tests on jessie, stretch, buster/unstable give: Unrecognized input file format. No segfault caused by PoC files.
TODO: check if issue present in versions up to 1.5.2 or introduced later
CVE-2018-14497 (Tenda D152 ADSL routers allow XSS via a crafted SSID. ...)
NOT-FOR-US: Tenda D152 ADSL routers
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