Commit a333f269 authored by Markus Koschany's avatar Markus Koschany

CVE-2019-9633,glib2.0: Mark as ignored for Wheezy

The reproducer is specifically about a html file that must be opened in a web
browser. Web browsers are not used by any sponsor. Even if there are other ways
to trigger the crash, it remains a rather minor problem. The fix also makes
parameter changes to functions which appears to be too invasive for Wheezy.
parent b7e53135
......@@ -2965,3 +2965,5 @@ TEMP-0923926-82431E
[wheezy] - proftpd-dfsg <end-of-life>
[wheezy] - proftpd-dfsg <end-of-life>
[wheezy] - glib2.0 <ignored> (Minor issue)
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