Commit b7e53135 authored by Freexian Bot's avatar Freexian Bot
parents 2e51310c b5492f04
......@@ -7,15 +7,15 @@ CVE-2019-9837
CVE-2019-9835 (The receiver (aka bridge) component of Fujitsu Wireless Keyboard Set ...)
TODO: check
NOT-FOR-US: Fujitsu Wireless Keyboard Set LX901 GK900 devices
CVE-2019-9834 (The Netdata web application through 1.13.0 allows remote attackers to ...)
TODO: check
NOT-FOR-US: Netdata web application
CVE-2019-9833 (The Screen Stream application through 3.0.15 for Android allows remote ...)
TODO: check
NOT-FOR-US: Screen Stream application for Android
CVE-2019-9832 (The AirDrop application through 2.0 for Android allows remote attackers ...)
TODO: check
NOT-FOR-US: AirDrop application for Android
CVE-2019-9831 (The AirMore application through 1.6.1 for Android allows remote ...)
TODO: check
NOT-FOR-US: AirMore application for Android
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