Commit cb7809bb authored by Hugo Lefeuvre's avatar Hugo Lefeuvre Committed by Hugo Lefeuvre

CVE-2019-7314: add Debian bug number

parent bef60e8e
......@@ -5991,7 +5991,7 @@ CVE-2019-7315
CVE-2019-7314 (liblivemedia in Live555 before 2019.02.03 mishandles the termination of ...)
[experimental] - liblivemedia 2019.02.03-1
- liblivemedia <unfixed>
- liblivemedia <unfixed> (bug #924656)
CVE-2019-7313 (www/ in Buildbot before 1.8.1 allows CRLF injection in the ...)
- buildbot 2.0.0-1 (bug #921271)
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