Commit 93e451e6 authored by George Lebl's avatar George Lebl Committed by George Lebl

Release 0.5.4

Wed May 28 16:57:25 2003  George Lebl <>

	* Release 0.5.4

	* src/ add Office category keyword
parent 7952d13a
Wed May 28 16:57:25 2003 George Lebl <>
* Release 0.5.4
* src/ add Office category keyword
Wed May 28 16:37:12 2003 George Lebl <>
* src/gnome-genius.c: implement save and save as (at least
Changes to 0.5.4
Note the syntax changes marked with 'SYNTAX:'
* The GUI now allows editting program files and running them directly from
the gui.
* SYNTAX: If "log" is used in mod environment it acts as DiscreteLog
* IsEven and IsOdd are now internal and fast
* Use MPFR (if available) for log10 and log2, and add lg as an alias to
* SYNTAX: Use GMP for the MillerRabinTest and implement StrongPseudoprimeTest,
IsPrime, and MillerRabinTestSure internally, remove IsPrimeLoopMax and
PrimeProbabilityEpsilon, MillerRabinTest takes the number of reps to do
and not the epsilon and there is IsPrimeMillerRabinReps parameter, also
remove IsPrimeProbability
* SYNTAX: Snarf the Pollard-Rho implementation from GMP examples and use it
for Factorize. Whack FactorizeLoopMax
* Use MPFR for EulerConstant if available
* Added MillerRabinTestSure, StringToASCII, ASCIIToString, AlphabetToString,
StringToAlphabet, LeastAbsoluteResidue, AreRelativelyPrime, DiscreteLog,
CRT (ChineseRemainder), IsPrimitiveMod, ConvertToBase, ConvertFromBase,
GetCurrentModulo, MidpointRule, NumericalIntegral, SolveLinearSystem,
MakeSet, Union, Intersection, IndexCalculus, IndexCalculusPrecalculation,
FindPrimitiveElementMod, FindRandomPrimitiveElementMod and Compose
* Fixed IsStrongPseudoprime
* Fixed the integer power functions and use MPFR for the float one if
* Document some functions
* elements, rows, columns accept null and treat it like 0x0 matrix
* SYNTAX: Allow return after comma to break a long vector input
* Mod matrices after all primitives (fixes for example "-[1] mod 2")
* when function is undocumented, print at least a prototype on help
* SYNTAX: 'mod' and 'call' now binds tighet then logical olperators to
make "if a == b mod n and a == c mod n then ..."
* SYNTAX: I, zeros, ones, rand, randint don't mod their arguments when in
mod mode
* SYNTAX: null is accepted for the "for in" type loops to mean empty
* Add "Set Theory" category to help
* Fix some crashes and plug many leaks
Changes to 0.5.3
Note the syntax changes marked with 'SYNTAX:'
......@@ -6,4 +6,4 @@ Type=Application
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