Commit 44da04c6 authored by Joerg Jaspert's avatar Joerg Jaspert 🇩🇪


Signed-off-by: Joerg Jaspert's avatarJoerg Jaspert <>
parent 8e854e7c
......@@ -123,8 +123,8 @@ def main():
Arguments = [('h', "Help", "Security::Options::Help"),
('n', "No-Action", "Security::Options::No-Action"),
('c', 'Changesfile', "Security::Options::Changesfile"),
('s', "Sudo", "Security-Install::Options::Sudo"),
('A', "Approve", "Security-Install::Options::Approve")
('s', "Sudo", "Security::Options::Sudo"),
('A', "Approve", "Security::Options::Approve")
for i in ["Help", "No-Action", "Changesfile", "Sudo", "Approve"]:
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