Verified Commit 4cc2730e authored by Joerg Jaspert's avatar Joerg Jaspert 🇩🇪

Let unchecked-dinstall always run all tasks

parent 3b42dc75
STATE startup none false false
RMSTAGE none none false false
NOSTAGE startup none false false
#savetimestamp none none false false
#pg_timestamp predinstall pg_dump1 true false
STATE indices none false false
dominate none dominate true false
mpfm none pkg-file-mapping false false
......@@ -10,9 +9,7 @@ STATE packages/contents none tru
packages none apt-ftparchive true false
STATE dists/ none false false
release none release\ files true false
#dakcleanup none cleanup true false
STATE scripts none false false
mirror none mirror\ hardlinks true false
STATE postlock none false false
#pg_timestamp postdinstall pg_dump2 true false
mirrorpush none mirrorpush false true
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