Verified Commit 6c718dc1 authored by Joerg Jaspert's avatar Joerg Jaspert 🇩🇪

Disable, doesnt work with more recent logfiles (since end 2011 ones)

parent a48ba3fe
......@@ -622,8 +622,8 @@ function i18n2() {
function stats() {
log "Updating stats data"
cd ${configdir}
${scriptsdir}/update-ftpstats ${base}/log/* > ${base}/misc/
R --slave --vanilla < ${base}/misc/ftpstats.R
#${scriptsdir}/update-ftpstats ${base}/log/* > ${base}/misc/
#R --slave --vanilla < ${base}/misc/ftpstats.R
dak stats arch-space > ${webdir}/arch-space
dak stats pkg-nums > ${webdir}/pkg-nums
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