Commit 817cfb61 authored by Bastian Blank's avatar Bastian Blank Committed by Joerg Jaspert

Use include key instead of runcronscript

parent 47e549c9
......@@ -2,5 +2,5 @@
LOCK DEPLOY 600 shared false
LOCK UNCHECKED 1200 exclusive false
update_releases none none true false
runcronscript mirror none true true
INCLUDE mirror none true true
linkmorgue none none false true
......@@ -380,14 +380,6 @@ function mklslar() {
# Run another cronscript from within cronscript, sick bastard
function runcronscript() {
local script=${1:-}
if [[ -n ${script} ]]; then
$configdir/cronscript ${script}
function linkmorgue() {
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