Verified Commit b40f693b authored by Ansgar's avatar Ansgar

dinstall.variables: only set `extimportdists` on ftp-master

security-master doesn't have an "unstable" suite and doesn't import
external data anyway.
parent 52596bd8
......@@ -43,11 +43,13 @@ DINSTALLSTATE="${webdir}/dinstall.status"
# as thats usually testing and unstable, but we need codenames,
# get em out of the db.
for suite in testing unstable; do
if [ "${archive}" = ftp-master ]; then
for suite in testing unstable; do
codename=$(dak admin s show ${suite}|grep '^Codename')
codename=${codename##* }
extimportdists="${extimportdists} ${codename}"
# Common wget options
wgetopts="-t2 -T20 -q -N --ca-directory=/etc/ssl/ca-debian"
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