Manually move existing orig.tar.gz out of the way.

-f option to gzip is not allowed in GZIP environment anymore.
parent 0f1cb6aa
......@@ -62,7 +62,14 @@ done
# Repack everything
cd ..
mv "${source}-${upstream}" "${source}-${newups}"
GZIP="-9fn" tar -czf "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz" "${source}-${newups}"
if [ -e "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz" ]; then
mv "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz" "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz.bak"
GZIP="-9n" tar -czf "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz" "${source}-${newups}"
if [ ! -e "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz" ] && \
[ -e "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz.bak" ]; then
mv "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz.bak" "../$basedir/${source}_${newups}.orig.tar.gz"
rm -rf "${source}-${newups}"
cd ../ # out of temp
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