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This file contains the q3map2 compile settings used to compile the maps that are part of Nexuiz.
There are also compile-scripts for some maps (
They can be found in your Nexuiz/data/maps folder
"...q3map2.exe" -meta ""
"...q3map2.exe" -vis "...nexuizmap.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -light -bounce 3 -deluxe -fast -filter -patchshadows -samples 2 "...nexuizmap.bsp"
Only update the entities.
"...q3map2.exe" -onlyents ""
"...q3map2.exe" -meta -samplesize 8 -mv 1000000 -mi 6000000 ""
"...q3map2.exe" -scale 1.2 "...bloodprisonctf.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -vis "...bloodprisonctf.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -light -deluxe -fast -filter -deluxe -patchshadows -samples 3 "...bloodprisonctf.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -meta -v -samplesize 8 -skyfix -np 50 ""
"...q3map2.exe" -vis -v ""
"...q3map2.exe" -light -deluxe -compensate 1.4 -fast -gamma 1.5 -patchshadows -areascale 1.5 -pointscale 2 -v -bounce 3 -bouncegrid ""
"...q3map2.exe" -meta -patchmeta -v ""
"...q3map2.exe" -vis "...reslimed.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -light -bounce 3 -deluxe -fast -filter -patchshadows -samples 2 "...reslimed.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -meta ""
"...q3map2.exe" -vis "...strength.bsp"
"...q3map2.exe" -light -bounce 3 -deluxe -fast -filter -patchshadows -samples 2 "...strength.bsp"
Date: 13th August 2001.
author: Sock
New URL:
Version: 1.5
If you use any of these Egyptian shader/textures I kindly ask
YOU to give me credit for my work within your README file or
TEXT file distributed with your map/mod.
Testing of Shaders
* All of the shaders included with this texture pack have been
tested with Q3 point release 1.27g.
Instructions for using the Egyptian Texture Pack
** You must have installed the Q3 editor tools first **
1. Extract the file in the BASEQ3 directory.
This will create 6 texture directory under the
BASEQ3/TEXTURES directory as follows :-
2. Goto the SCRIPTS sub-directory under the BASEQ3
directory and find the following
3. Open this file up in a text editor and add the
following line at the bottom of the file.
4. Close the file and open Q3Radiant and you should
find on the texture menu the 1 new subdirectory.
For a full explaination of each texture/shader please
refer to the website.
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greetings from a conference in greece. I just got permission from Simon O'Callaghan to distribute the textures from under the terms of the GPL with future versions of Nexuiz, provided classical attribution is given and that the game documentation includes a link to so artists can find his stuff.
Thanks alot Simon!
This is good news, as some Nexuiz community maps use these textures, albeit as of yet licensed under a GPL-incompatible Creative Commons license.
Does anybody feel like creating bumpmaps/normalmaps and glossmaps for that set of textures?
-- SavageX
sv_eventlog master switch (default: 0)
sv_eventlog_files print frags, scores and captures for separate files each match (default: 0)
sv_eventlog_console print frags, scores and captures to serverconsole during the match (default: 1)
sv_logscores_bots choose whether bot are included in stats or not (default: 0)
sv_eventlog_files_counter number of matches logged until now
sv_eventlog_files_nameprefix file name prefix to be used (default: nexuiz)
sv_eventlog_files_namesuffix file name extension to be used (default: .log)
sv_eventlog_files_timestamps prefix log lines in the files with :time events (default: 1)
log format:
(note that mutators are listed by their cvar name with g_ removed,
unless such a cvar is 1 by default - then the mutator is listed with
a no_ prefix if the cvar is 0)
:kill:frag:<ID of killer>:<ID of victim>:type=<death type>:items=<itemstring of killer>:victimitems=<itemstring of victim>
:kill:tk:<ID of killer>:<ID of victim>:type=<death type>:items=<itemstring of killer>:victimitems=<itemstring of victim>
:kill:suicide:<ID>:<ID>:type=<death type>:items=<itemstring>
:kill:accident:<ID>:<ID>:type=<death type>:items=<itemstring>
:ctf:steal:<flagcolor>:<ID of attacker>
:ctf:dropped:<flagcolor>:<ID of dropper>
:ctf:pickup:<flagcolor>:<ID of attacker>
:ctf:capture:<flagcolor>:<ID of attacker>
:ctf:return:<flagcolor>:<ID of defender>
:dom:taken:<previouscolor>:<ID of player>
:scores:<gametype>_<mapname>:<map runtime>
:vote:keeptwo:<mapname>:<mapvotes>:<mapname>:<mapvotes>:::<mapname>:<mapvotes>:...:didn't vote:<notvoters>
:vote:finished:<mapname>:<mapvotes>:::<mapname>:<mapvotes>:<mapname>:<mapvotes>:...:didn't vote:<notvoters>
:vote:vcall:<ID of player>:<vote command display string>
:vote:vstop:<ID of stopper>
:vote:vlogin:<ID of player>
:vote:vdo:<ID of player>:<do command display string>
:recordset:<ID of player>:<time in seconds>
Note that only the :join and :player lines ever contain player names. The
:time event only appears in the log files if sv_eventlog_files_timestamps
is 1; there is no way to log these time stamps to the console (for console
timestamps, set timestamps to 1).
team colors:
1 = No Team (Domination)
5 = Red Team
14 = Blue Team
13 = Yellow Team
10 = Pink Team
label flags:
!! = primary sorting key
<!! = primary sorting key, lower is better
! = secondary sorting key
<! = secondary sorting key, lower is better
< = lower is better
where flags can contain:
F = player carries the flag
S = player has strength
I = player has the shield
T = player is typing (console, menu or chat)
and weapon IDs are:
1 = Laser
2 = Shotgun
3 = Uzi
4 = Mortar
5 = Electro
6 = Crylink
7 = Nex
8 = Hagar
9 = Rocket Launcher
10 = Port-O-Launch
11 = MinstaNex
12 = Grappling Hook
13 = Heavy Laser Assault Cannon
14 = T.A.G. Seeker
runes/curses are stored as a bit mask with the following values:
1 = Strength
2 = Defense
4 = Regeneration
8 = Speed
16 = Vampire
8192 = Weakness
16384 = Vulnerability
32768 = Venom
65536 = Slow
131072 = Empathy
death type:
either a weapon ID ORed with weapon death flags, or one of:
10000 = fallen to death
10001 = telefragged
10002 = drowned
10003 = killed by a trap / fallen into the void
10004 = lava
10005 = slime
10006 = console kill
10007 = (MinstaGib) out of ammo
10008 = swamp
10009 = team change
10010 = auto team change
10011 = camping protection
10012 = player became too fast (should never happen)
10013 = health rot
10014 = mirror damage
10015 = g_touchexplode
10100 = turret
weapon death flags are:
256 = secondary fire
512 = splash damage
1024 = bounced projectile
2048 = head shot (MinstaNex only)
4096 = unused flag
There will be a log analyzer parsing this file format soon. Note that weapon