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New upstream version 0.43.0

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......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ Doxygen
## qt-creator
- linux
- osx
osx_image: xcode8.2
osx_image: xcode8.3
language: cpp
sudo: required
dist: trusty
......@@ -15,11 +15,7 @@ env:
# The next declaration is the encrypted COVERITY_SCAN_TOKEN, created
# via the "travis encrypt" command using the project repo's public key
- secure: "jybGzAdUbqt9vWR/GEnRd96BgAi/7Zd1+2HK68j/i/8+/1YH2XxLOy4Jv/DUBhBlJIkxs/Xv8dRcUlFOclZDHX1d/9Qnsqd3oUVkD7k1y7cTOWy9TBQaE/v/kZo3LpzA3xPwwthrb0BvqIbOfIELi5fS5s8ba85WFRg3AX70wWE="
# macOS builds FTP upload login
- secure: "MegynKyJpyL7XDwdWVEbypQh7CLjqOqOi9lGF97G7Fq0HosVZTmnwjHhmIPZspTP7ES4UbxM3rs/f3ce7sp9JN2ShRJpduD6UEFc8egQXBte9J3obUBIdUxPTRdhnht7VJ+u+pksK1S/Bm1Cs6l0eEluP3vmcaXWMykVQcZsPhY="
# macOS builds FTP upload password
- secure: "jQcAaWAdDy0+vlNu4POMX8322HanCOQEUTdpviWTAUjWQTjMa0UTM4+zVVgrtEaHMpBaVYYbTT3Rg5BQ9oG+2SiVLJBQQ2XoMcos/YrjPVT6inB02Gs0vFjP29LdPAQVrB8CkAcfQr6u+Z2C+RqAtwhE09LsBUMXjRDzPAtr1CM="
- macos_qt_formula=qt@5.5
- macos_qt_formula=qt
......@@ -32,7 +28,7 @@ addons:
# Tests
libgtest-dev, google-mock,
# Boost
libboost-filesystem-dev, libboost-program-options-dev, libboost-system-dev, libboost-thread-dev,
libboost-filesystem-dev, libboost-program-options-dev, libboost-system-dev,
# FFmpeg
libavcodec-dev, libavformat-dev, libavutil-dev, libswscale-dev,
# Audio & Video
......@@ -45,8 +41,8 @@ addons:
name: "OpenMW/openmw"
description: "<Your project description here>"
build_command_prepend: "cmake . -DBUILD_UNITTESTS=FALSE"
build_command: "make -j3"
branch_pattern: coverity_scan
......@@ -34,11 +34,13 @@ Programmers
Ben Shealy (bentsherman)
Bret Curtis (psi29a)
Britt Mathis (galdor557)
Chris Boyce (slothlife)
Chris Robinson (KittyCat)
Cory F. Cohen (cfcohen)
Cris Mihalache (Mirceam)
......@@ -50,6 +52,7 @@ Programmers
Edmondo Tommasina (edmondo)
Eduard Cot (trombonecot)
Emanuel Guével (potatoesmaster)
......@@ -59,10 +62,11 @@ Programmers
Gašper Sedej
Hallfaer Tuilinn
Haoda Wang (h313)
Jacob Essex (Yacoby)
Jannik Heller (scrawl)
Jacob Essex (Yacoby)
Jake Westrip (16bitint)
Jason Hooks (jhooks)
Jeffrey Haines (Jyby)
......@@ -74,6 +78,7 @@ Programmers
Jordan Ayers
Jordan Milne
Jules Blok (Armada651)
Julien Voisin (jvoisin/ap0)
Karl-Felix Glatzer (k1ll)
Kevin Poitra (PuppyKevin)
......@@ -83,6 +88,7 @@ Programmers
Leon Krieg (lkrieg)
Leon Saunders (emoose)
Łukasz Gołębiewski (lukago)
Lukasz Gromanowski (lgro)
......@@ -101,6 +107,7 @@ Programmers
Michael Papageorgiou (werdanith)
Michał Bień (Glorf)
Michał Moroz (dragonee)
Miloslav Číž (drummyfish)
Miroslav Puda (pakanek)
Mitchell Schwitzer (schwitzerm)
......@@ -108,6 +115,7 @@ Programmers
Nathan Jeffords (blunted2night)
Nikolay Kasyanov (corristo)
Nolan Poe (nopoe)
......@@ -117,6 +125,7 @@ Programmers
Pieter van der Kloet (pvdk)
Radu-Marius Popovici (rpopovici)
Rafael Moura (dhustkoder)
......@@ -128,11 +137,14 @@ Programmers
Roman Proskuryakov (kpp)
Sandy Carter (bwrsandman)
Scott Howard
Sebastian Wick (swick)
Sergey Shambir
Stefan Galowicz (bogglez)
Stanislav Bobrov (Jiub)
......@@ -141,6 +153,7 @@ Programmers
Thomas Luppi (Digmaster)
Will Herrmann (Thunderforge)
Tom Mason (wheybags)
Torben Leif Carrington (TorbenC)
Bug #815: Different settings cause inconsistent underwater visibility
Bug #1452: autosave is not executed when waiting
Bug #1555: Closing containers with spacebar doesn't work after touching an item
Bug #1692: Can't close container when item is "held"
Bug #2405: Maximum distance for guards attacking hostile creatures is incorrect
Bug #2445: Spellcasting can be interrupted
Bug #2489: Keeping map open not persisted between saves
Bug #2594: 1st person view uses wrong body texture with Better bodies
Bug #2628: enablestatreviewmenu command doen't read race, class and sign values from current game
Bug #2639: Attacking flag isn't reset upon reloading
Bug #2698: Snow and rain VFX move with the player
Bug #2704: Some creature swim animations not being used
Bug #2789: Potential risk of misunderstanding using the colored "owned" crosshair feature
Bug #3045: Settings containing '#' cannot be loaded
Bug #3097: Drop() doesn't work when an item is held (with the mouse)
Bug #3110: GetDetected doesn't work without a reference
Bug #3126: Framerate nosedives when adjusting dialogue window size
Bug #3243: Ampersand in configuration files isn't escaped automatically
Bug #3365: Wrong water reflection along banks
Bug #3441: Golden saint always dispelling soul trap / spell priority issue
Bug #3528: Disposing of corpses breaks quests
Bug #3531: No FPS limit when playing bink videos even though "framerate limit" is set in settings.cfg
Bug #3647: Multi-effect spells play audio louder than in Vanilla
Bug #3656: NPCs forget where their place in the world is
Bug #3665: Music transitions are too abrupt
Bug #3679: Spell cast effect should disappear after using rest command
Bug #3684: Merchants do not restock empty soul gems if they acquire filled ones.
Bug #3694: Wrong magicka bonus applied on character creation
Bug #3706: Guards don't try to arrest the player if attacked
Bug #3709: Editor: Camera is not positioned correctly on mode switches related to orbital mode
Bug #3720: Death counter not cleaned of non-existing IDs when loading a game
Bug #3744: "Greater/lesser or equal" operators are not parsed when their signs are swapped
Bug #3749: Yagrum Bagarn moves to different position on encountering
Bug #3766: DisableLevitation does not remove visuals of preexisting effect
Bug #3787: Script commands in result box for voiced dialogue are ignored
Bug #3793: OpenMW tries to animate animated references even when they are disabled
Bug #3794: Default sound buffer size is too small for mods
Bug #3796: Mod 'Undress for me' doesn't work: NPCs re-equip everything
Bug #3798: tgm command behaviour differs from vanilla
Bug #3804: [Mod] Animated Morrowind: some animations do not loop correctly
Bug #3805: Slight enchant miscalculation
Bug #3826: Rendering problems with an image in a letter
Bug #3833: [Mod] Windows Glow: windows textures are much darker than in original game
Bug #3835: Bodyparts with multiple NiTriShapes are not handled correctly
Bug #3839: InventoryStore::purgeEffect() removes only first effect with argument ID
Bug #3843: Wrong jumping fatigue loss calculations
Bug #3850: Boethiah's voice is distorted underwater
Bug #3851: NPCs and player say things while underwater
Bug #3864: Crash when exiting to Khartag point from Ilunibi
Bug #3878: Swapping soul gems while enchanting allows constant effect enchantments using any soul gem
Bug #3879: Dialogue option: Go to jail, persists beyond quickload
Bug #3891: Journal displays empty entries
Bug #3892: Empty space before dialogue entry display
Bug #3898: (mod) PositionCell in dialogue results closes dialogue window
Bug #3906: "Could not find Data Files location" dialog can appear multiple times
Bug #3908: [Wizard] User gets stuck if they cancel out of installing from a CD
Bug #3909: Morrowind Content Language dropdown is the only element on the right half of the Settings window
Bug #3910: Launcher window can be resized so that it cuts off the scroll
Bug #3915: NC text key on nifs doesn't work
Bug #3919: Closing inventory while cursor hovers over spell (or other magic menu item) produces left click sound
Bug #3922: Combat AI should avoid enemy hits when casts Self-ranged spells
Bug #3934: [macOS] Copy/Paste from system clipboard uses Control key instead of Command key
Bug #3935: Incorrect attack strength for AI actors
Bug #3937: Combat AI: enchanted weapons have too high rating
Bug #3942: UI sounds are distorted underwater
Bug #3943: CPU/GPU usage should stop when the game is minimised
Bug #3944: Attempting to sell stolen items back to their owner does not remove them from your inventory
Bug #3955: Player's avatar rendering issues
Bug #3956: EditEffectDialog: Cancel button does not update a Range button and an Area slider properly
Bug #3957: Weird bodypart rendering if a node has reserved name
Bug #3960: Clothes with high cost (> 32768) are not handled properly
Bug #3963: When on edge of being burdened the condition doesn't lower as you run.
Bug #3971: Editor: Incorrect colour field in cell table
Bug #3974: Journal page turning doesn't produce sounds
Bug #3978: Instant opening and closing happens when using a Controller with Menus/Containers
Bug #3981: Lagging when spells are cast, especially noticeable on new landmasses such as Tamriel Rebuilt
Bug #3982: Down sounds instead of Up ones are played when trading
Bug #3987: NPCs attack after some taunting with no "Goodbye"
Bug #3991: Journal can still be opened at main menu
Bug #3995: Dispel cancels every temporary magic effect
Bug #4002: Build broken on OpenBSD with clang
Bug #4003: Reduce Render Area of Inventory Doll to Fit Within Border
Bug #4004: Manis Virmaulese attacks without saying anything
Bug #4010: AiWander: "return to the spawn position" feature does not work properly
Bug #4016: Closing menus with spacebar will still send certain assigned actions through afterwards
Bug #4017: GetPCRunning and GetPCSneaking should check that the PC is actually moving
Bug #4024: Poor music track distribution
Bug #4025: Custom spell with copy-pasted name always sorts to top of spell list
Bug #4027: Editor: OpenMW-CS misreports its own name as "OpenCS", under Mac OS
Bug #4033: Archers don't attack if the arrows have run out and there is no other weapon
Bug #4037: Editor: New greetings do not work in-game.
Bug #4049: Reloading a saved game while falling prevents damage
Bug #4056: Draw animation should not be played when player equips a new weapon
Bug #4074: Editor: Merging of LAND/LTEX records
Bug #4076: Disposition bar is not updated when "goodbye" selected in dialogue
Bug #4079: Alchemy skill increases do not take effect until next batch
Bug #4093: GetResistFire, getResistFrost and getResistShock doesn't work as in vanilla
Bug #4094: Level-up messages for levels past 20 are hardcoded not to be used
Bug #4095: Error in framelistener when take all items from a dead corpse
Bug #4096: Messagebox with the "%0.f" format should use 0 digit precision
Bug #4104: Cycling through weapons does not skip broken ones
Bug #4105: birthsign generation menu does not show full details
Bug #4107: Editor: Left pane in Preferences window is too narrow
Bug #4112: Inventory sort order is inconsistent
Bug #4113: 'Resolution not supported in fullscreen' message is inconvenient
Bug #4131: Pickpocketing behaviour is different from vanilla
Bug #4155: NPCs don't equip a second ring in some cases
Bug #4156: Snow doesn't create water ripples
Bug #4165: NPCs autoequip new clothing with the same price
Feature #452: Rain-induced water ripples
Feature #824: Fading for doors and teleport commands
Feature #933: Editor: LTEX record table
Feature #936: Editor: LAND record table
Feature #1374: AI: Resurface to breathe
Feature #2320: ess-Importer: convert projectiles
Feature #2509: Editor: highlighting occurrences of a word in a script
Feature #2748: Editor: Should use one resource manager per document
Feature #2834: Have openMW's UI remember what menu items were 'pinned' across boots.
Feature #2923: Option to show the damage of the arrows through tooltip.
Feature #3099: Disabling inventory while dragging an item forces you to drop it
Feature #3274: Editor: Script Editor - Shortcuts and context menu options for commenting code out and uncommenting code respectively
Feature #3275: Editor: User Settings- Add an option to reset settings to their default status (per category / all)
Feature #3400: Add keyboard shortcuts for menus
Feature #3492: Show success rate while enchanting
Feature #3530: Editor: Reload data files
Feature #3682: Editor: Default key binding reset
Feature #3921: Combat AI: aggro priorities
Feature #3941: Allow starting at an unnamed exterior cell with --start
Feature #3952: Add Visual Studio 2017 support
Feature #3953: Combat AI: use "WhenUsed" enchantments
Feature #4082: Leave the stack of ingredients or potions grabbed after using an ingredient/potion
Task #2258: Windows installer: launch OpenMW tickbox
Task #4152: The Windows CI script is moving files around that CMake should be dealing with
......@@ -2,10 +2,9 @@
brew update
brew rm cmake || true
brew rm pkgconfig || true
brew rm qt5 || true
brew install cmake pkgconfig $macos_qt_formula
brew outdated cmake || brew upgrade cmake
brew outdated pkgconfig || brew upgrade pkgconfig
brew install $macos_qt_formula
curl -o ~/
curl -o ~/
unzip ~/ -d /private/tmp/openmw-deps > /dev/null
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Options:
Set the build platform, can also be set with environment variable PLATFORM.
Configure for unity builds.
-v <2013/2015>
-v <2013/2015/2017>
Choose the Visual Studio version to use.
Run verbosely
......@@ -213,20 +213,28 @@ if [ -z $VS_VERSION ]; then
case $VS_VERSION in
15|15.0|2017 )
GENERATOR="Visual Studio 15 2017"
14|14.0|2015 )
GENERATOR="Visual Studio 14 2015"
12|12.0|2013 )
GENERATOR="Visual Studio 12 2013"
......@@ -278,7 +286,7 @@ fi
echo "==================================="
echo "Starting prebuild on MSVC${MSVC_YEAR} WIN${BITS}"
echo "Starting prebuild on MSVC${MSVC_DISPLAY_YEAR} WIN${BITS}"
echo "==================================="
......@@ -305,16 +313,16 @@ if [ -z $SKIP_DOWNLOAD ]; then
# FFmpeg
download "FFmpeg 3.0.1" \
"${BITS}/shared/ffmpeg-3.0.1-win${BITS}-shared.7z" \
"ffmpeg-3.0.1-win${BITS}.7z" \
"${BITS}/dev/ffmpeg-3.0.1-win${BITS}-dev.7z" \
download "FFmpeg 3.2.4" \
"${BITS}/shared/ffmpeg-3.2.4-win${BITS}" \
"ffmpeg-3.2.4-win${BITS}.zip" \
"${BITS}/dev/ffmpeg-3.2.4-win${BITS}" \
download "MyGUI 3.2.3-git" \
"${MSVC_YEAR}-win${BITS}.7z" \
download "MyGUI 3.2.2" \
"${MSVC_YEAR}-win${BITS}.7z" \
# OpenAL
download "OpenAL-Soft 1.17.2" \
......@@ -322,9 +330,9 @@ if [ -z $SKIP_DOWNLOAD ]; then
download "OpenSceneGraph 3.4.0-scrawl" \
"${MSVC_YEAR}-win${BITS}.7z" \
download "OpenSceneGraph 3.4.1-scrawl" \
"${MSVC_YEAR}-win${BITS}.7z" \
# Qt
if [ -z $APPVEYOR ]; then
......@@ -350,7 +358,7 @@ fi
cd .. #/..
# Set up dependencies
if [ -z $KEEP ]; then
echo "(Re)Creating build directory."
......@@ -395,6 +403,7 @@ fi
add_cmake_opts -DBOOST_ROOT="$BOOST_SDK" \
add_cmake_opts -DBoost_COMPILER="-${TOOLSET}"
echo Done.
......@@ -406,6 +415,7 @@ fi
add_cmake_opts -DBOOST_ROOT="$BOOST_SDK" \
add_cmake_opts -DBoost_COMPILER="-${TOOLSET}"
echo Done.
......@@ -434,21 +444,21 @@ cd $DEPS
# FFmpeg
printf "FFmpeg 3.0.1... "
printf "FFmpeg 3.2.4... "