Commit ebdfa08e authored by Carlos Donizete Froes's avatar Carlos Donizete Froes 🐧

Networking for main script

Signed-off-by: Carlos Donizete Froes's avatarCarlos Donizete Froes <>
parent 46fd406f
# (c) Copyright holder 2012-2017 <>
# - The permitted usage of the PokeMMO game client is defined by
# a non-free license. Visit
# (c) Copyright holder 2012-2017 <>
# (c) Copyright 2017 Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a coringao]
# (c) Copyright 2017 Launch edited by Carlos Donizete Froes [a.k.a coringao]
# This is free software, licensed under the GPL-3 license.
# This file is part of PokeMMO, is an emulator of several popular
# console games with additional features and multiplayer capabilities.
# Use of this file is governed by a GPLv3 license that can be found
# in the LICENSE file.
# This program is released under the GPL with the additional exemption
# that compiling, linking and/or using OpenSSL is allowed.
# Script name: ''
# Edited version: '1.4.3'
......@@ -85,15 +89,52 @@ showMessage() {
downloadPokemmo() {
rm -f "$PKMOCONFIGDIR/pokemmo"
find "$POKEMMO" -type f -name "*.TEMPORARY" -exec rm -f {} +
# The openssl command line utilities are a base package in this version of Debian, so this should only error on a broken environment, or during a case where the user has broken their openssl access
[[ $(which openssl) ]] || showMessage --error "The `openssl` binary was not found. Please check your PATH is set correctly and restart the program."
# This keyfile is provided by the PokeMMO developers. Do not alter/remove it, it is used to confirm the source of the downloaded files!
PKMO_PUBKEY="-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----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\na7ruRNgFlA2ciGUIIke2Ev2cYzyBA4LLARky2FZiEM0VAgMBAAE=\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----"
for (( i=0; i<"${#DL_MIRRORS[@]}"; i++ )); do
echo "Trying mirror ${DL_MIRRORS[$i]}"
[[ -f "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.jar" || -f "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.sig256" ]] && rm -f "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.jar" "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.sig256"
MIRROR_STATUS=$( ( cd "$POKEMMO" && wget --https-only -U pokemmo_debian_setup --retry-connrefused --tries=3 --timeout=5 --waitretry=1 "${DL_MIRRORS[$i]}"/download/updater/pokemmo_updater.jar "${DL_MIRRORS[$i]}"/download/updater/pokemmo_updater.sig256 ) 2>&1)
if [[ "$r" == "0" ]]; then
echo "Got updater from ${DL_MIRRORS[$i]}"
# `openssl` requires a filesystem to be inplace in order to read the checked key, but we don't really want to hit the disk due to security concerns
# so, instead, we'll abuse procfs a bit
exec {pkmo_fd}<<< "$(printf -- "$PKMO_PUBKEY")"
VALIDATION_STATUS=$(openssl dgst -sha256 -verify /proc/$$/fd/$pkmo_fd -signature "$POKEMMO"/pokemmo_updater.sig256 "$POKEMMO"/pokemmo_updater.jar)
exec {pkmo_fd}>&-
# Older versions of openssl could throw ambiguous exit codes depending on the type of failure (e.g. if files were missing, returned 0).
# This doesn't seem to be an issue now, but we'll prefer to parse the stdout instead of the exit codes for now
if [[ "$VALIDATION_STATUS" = "Verified OK" ]]; then
echo "Updater Verified OK!"
echo "WARNING: Downloaded jar failed validation! Jumping to next mirror"
elif [[ "$r" != "0" && "${DL_MIRRORS[$i]}" = "${DL_MIRRORS[-1]}" ]]; then
rm -f "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.jar" "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.sig256"
showMessage --error "Failed to download the updater:\n\n$MIRROR_STATUS"
echo "WARNING: Failed to download updater from mirror ${DL_MIRRORS[$i]}. Jumping to next.."
cp -f /usr/share/games/pokemmo/pokemmo_bootstrapper.jar "$POKEMMO/"
rm -f "$PKMOCONFIGDIR/pokemmo" "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.sig256"
find "$POKEMMO" -type f -name "*.TEMPORARY" -exec rm -f {} +
# Updater exits with 1 on successful update
getJavaOpts "updater"
(cd "$POKEMMO" && java ${JAVA_OPTS[*]} -cp ./pokemmo_bootstrapper.jar com.pokeemu.updater.ClientUpdater -install -quick) && exit 1 || echo "installed=1" > "$PKMOCONFIGDIR/pokemmo"
rm -f "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_bootstrapper.jar"
(cd "$POKEMMO" && java ${JAVA_OPTS[*]} -cp ./pokemmo_updater.jar com.pokeemu.updater.ClientUpdater -install -quick) && exit 1 || echo "installed=1" > "$PKMOCONFIGDIR/pokemmo"
rm -f "$POKEMMO/pokemmo_updater.jar"
verifyInstallation() {
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