Why this thing?

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......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ with exotic architectures that you might not have available in real
hardware or for porting Debian packages when you cannot for some
reason use the official porterboxes (i.e., you have no or bad Internet
connection, you need root access, you need to mess up badly with the
filesystem, you do not have an account on Debian boxes, whatever
reason you want).
filesystem, you do not have an account on Debian boxes, there are not
porterboxes for some architecture, whatever reason you want).
The script creating these images is just a thin layer over
qemu-debootstrap, plus some suggestion on the QEMU command line to
......@@ -69,6 +69,22 @@ then me or have useful suggestions anyway, please write me at
* Add support for non-Linux ports.
## Why this thing?
* Because sometimes using QEMU is more convenient than accessing
Debian porterboxes, for the reasons at the top.
* Because there are Debian images for QEMU around, but sometimes
there are outdated and there is not script around to regenerated
them (and also customize them).
* Because Debian supports a lot of architectures and QEMU supports a
lot of architectures, and it is a shame not to have a quick way to
pair up these two lots!
* Because I wanted to have some fun with architectures I do not
usually play with, and I hope this will be useful for other people.
## License
This work is covered by the MIT license.
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