Known problems.

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......@@ -68,6 +68,21 @@ I managed to get it more or less working. If you happen to know better
then me or have useful suggestions anyway, please write me at
## Known problems
* Creating `s390x` images will fail due to [this
bug](, because
generating the SSH keys fails under QEMU in user mode. Workaround:
remove `openssh-server` from the packages installed by ``
and reinstall it manually inside the virtual machine.
* Images for `armel` cannot currently by run by QEMU. I could not
find any flag combination that supports the only `armel` kernel
currently available in Debian (which is
`linux-image-marvell`). There used to be a `linux-image-versatile`
that could be run under QEMU, but it was dropped because it was
broken. Currently no workaround for this, unfortunately.
## To do
* Add more architectures (also from Debian ports); in line of
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