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    Transition from GeoIP Legacy to MaxMindDB. · a1da75c5
    Gerald Combs authored
    MaxMind is discontinuing its legacy databases in April in favor of
    GeoIP2, which use a newer database format (MaxMind DB). The reference C
    library (libmaxminddb) is available under the Apache 2.0 license which
    isn't quite compatible with ours.
    Add mmdbresolve, a utility that reads IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on stdin
    and prints resolved information on stdout. Place it under a liberal
    license (MIT) so that we can keep libmaxminddb at arm's length. Add
    epan/maxmind_db.[ch], which spawns mmdbresolve and communicates with it
    via stdio.
    Migrate the preferences and documentation to MaxMindDB.
    Change the IPv4 and IPv6 asnum fields to FT_UINT32s. Change the
    geographic coordinate fields to FT_DOUBLEs.
    Bug: 10658
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