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    Refactor plugin registration and loading · 995812c5
    João Valverde authored
    Put different types of plugins (libwiretap, libwireshark) in different
    subdirectories, give libwiretap and libwireshark init routines that
    load the plugins, and have them scan the appropriate subdirectories
    so that we don't even *try* to, for example, load libwireshark plugins
    in programs that only use libwiretap.
    Compiled plugins are stored in subfolders of the plugin folders, with
    the subfolder name being the Wireshark minor version number (X.Y). There is
    another hierarchical level for each Wireshark library (libwireshark, libwscodecs
    and libwiretap).
    The folder names are respectively plugins/X.Y/{epan,codecs,wiretap}.
    Currently we only distribute "epan" (libwireshark) plugins.
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