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    make-version.pl: make it work with git worktrees · 94c4329b
    Peter Wu authored
    When using git worktrees, the .git file is a regular file pointing to
    the original git repository. Accept this case too. Also ignore the fact
    that the original repo could be a git-svn repo, that is very unlikely.
    Example workflow (requires git 2.5):
        # Assume work in progress in current tree. Goal is to quickly do a
        # fix in another branch and publish the changes without interfering
        # with the WIP and without marking all files out of date (which
        # slows down re-compilation).
        git worktree add /tmp/wireshark-2.2 master-2.2
        pushd /tmp/wireshark-2.2        # go to temporary tree
        git cherry-pick -x COMMIT       # backport the fix
        git review                      # submit for review
        popd                            # go back to original tree
        rm -rf /tmp/wireshark-2.2 && git worktree prune     # cleanup
        # now continue working where you left work
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