Commit 0ed1b0f1 authored by Pascal Quantin's avatar Pascal Quantin Committed by Evan Huus

Add ws_mempbrk_sse42_compile to Valgrind suppression list

When running Valgrind 3.10.0 on an Ubuntu 10.10 x64 guest with Virtualbox 4.3.22, ws_cpuid_sse42() call triggers a false positive when checking ECX bit 20
Guy kindly verified the assembler code and confirmed that everything seems fine
Let's remove the error to avoid noise when running Valgrind on a capture
Change-Id: I357633950249a0c781482865c3221a1babdc74e2
Reviewed-on: default avatarPascal Quantin <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarEvan Huus <>
parent e326318e
......@@ -5,3 +5,13 @@
# This is primarily targeted towards the set of libraries on the fuzz-bot (which
# runs a valgrind step) but other entries are welcome as long as they are
# sufficiently commented.
Remove uninitialised CPU condition code check for ws_cpuid_sse42() on Virtualbox
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