Commit 166c9cfe authored by Pascal Quantin's avatar Pascal Quantin

Diameter: update Reservation-Priority AVP values

Change-Id: I5609385ee0a13fe5262a35ac65e206f0bc492a61
Reviewed-on: 's avatarPascal Quantin <>
parent c8dd3a11
......@@ -224,6 +224,14 @@
<enum name="PRIORITY-FIVE" code="5"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-SIX" code="6"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-SEVEN" code="7"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-EIGHT" code="8"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-NINE" code="9"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-TEN" code="10"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-ELEVEN" code="11"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-TWELVE" code="12"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-THIRTEEN" code="13"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-FOURTEEN" code="14"/>
<enum name="PRIORITY-FIFTEEN" code="15"/>
<avp name="ETSI-Service-Class" code="459" mandatory="mustnot" vendor-bit="must" vendor-id="ETSI" may-encrypt="yes">
<type type-name="UTF8String"/>
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