Commit 2d7c2421 authored by AndersBroman's avatar AndersBroman Committed by Anders Broman

[Diameter] Add command code 8388637 and 8388638.

Change-Id: Ia135204ba4931ca0805f49b99b937a6185807ca2
Petri-Dish: Anders Broman <>
Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot
Reviewed-by: 's avatarAnders Broman <>
parent b08dc851
......@@ -132,10 +132,8 @@
<command name="Ericsson-SN" code="8388634" vendor-id="None"/> <!-- Ericsson Spending Status Notification -->
<command name="Spending-Limit" code="8388635" vendor-id="None"/> <!-- TGPP 29.219/Sy -->
<command name="Spending-Status-Notification" code="8388636" vendor-id="None"/> <!-- TGPP 29.219/Sy -->
8388637 TDF-Session-Request/Answer (TSR/TSA) [3GPP TS 29.212][Kimmo_Kymalainen]
8388638 3GPP-Update-VCSG-Location-Request/Answer (UVR/UVA) [3GPP TS 29.272][Kimmo_Kymalainen]
<command name="TDF-Session" code="8388637" vendor-id="None"/> <!-- [3GPP TS 29.212][Kimmo_Kymalainen] -->
<command name="3GPP-Update-VCSG-Location" code="8388638" vendor-id="None"/> <!-- [3GPP TS 29.272][Kimmo_Kymalainen] -->
<command name="3GPP-Device-Action" code="8388639" vendor-id="None"/> <!--[3GPP TS 29.368][RFC5719] -->
<command name="3GPP-Device-Notification" code="8388640" vendor-id="None"/> <!--[3GPP TS 29.368][RFC5719] -->
<command name="3GPP-Subscriber-Information" code="8388641" vendor-id="None"/> <!-- 3GPP TS 29.336 -->
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