Commit 4e989c2c authored by Jeff Morriss's avatar Jeff Morriss

Diameter: close command elements.

... in order to make the XML (more) valid.

Change-Id: Iefffff3208c98d6ea55d509ed35b57abd268baf3
Reviewed-on: 's avatarJeff Morriss <>
parent 04b82a7d
......@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@
<vendor vendor-id="HP" code="11" name="Hewlett Packard"/>
<application id="16777305" name="HP Diameter Topology Discovery" uri="none">
<command name="Peer Information" code="100" vendor-id="HP">
<command name="Fetch Peers" code="101" vendor-id="HP">
<command name="Subscribe Change" code="102" vendor-id="HP">
<command name="Notify Change" code="103" vendor-id="HP">
<command name="Peer Information" code="100" vendor-id="HP"/>
<command name="Fetch Peers" code="101" vendor-id="HP"/>
<command name="Subscribe Change" code="102" vendor-id="HP"/>
<command name="Notify Change" code="103" vendor-id="HP"/>
<avp name="Peer-State" code="200" vendor-id="HP" mandatory="must" vendor-bit="must">
<type type-name="Enumerated"/>
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