Commit 8fb74b4a authored by Evan Huus's avatar Evan Huus

extcap: remove use of g_list_free_full

It requires a newer glib than we support

Change-Id: Id8f14d4188a9ba55e0a5196bb877e2fe6a0c8d3f
Reviewed-on: default avatarEvan Huus <>
parent 4f37f554
......@@ -342,6 +342,11 @@ extcap_interface_list(char **err_str) {
return ret;
static void g_free_1(gpointer data, gpointer user_data _U_)
static void extcap_free_if_configuration(GList *list)
GList *elem;
......@@ -355,7 +360,8 @@ static void extcap_free_if_configuration(GList *list)
arg_list = g_list_first((GList *)elem->data);
g_list_free_full(arg_list, g_free);
g_list_foreach(arg_list, g_free_1, NULL);
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