Commit abd657fd authored by Guy Harris's avatar Guy Harris

Squelch another warning.

(Yes, we should, on platforms with a 32-bit time_t, check to make sure
the time stamp fits and do something if it doesn't.  Or we should make
the seconds part of an nstime_t be 64-bit and handle overly-large values
when converting them to year/month/day/hour/minute/second.)

Change-Id: If219534985dce29d00754ff151f6c4b5893080d8
Reviewed-on: default avatarGuy Harris <>
parent 7d28a560
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ capsa_read_packet(wtap *wth, FILE_T fh, struct wtap_pkthdr *phdr,
phdr->rec_type = REC_TYPE_PACKET;
phdr->presence_flags = WTAP_HAS_CAP_LEN|WTAP_HAS_TS;
phdr->ts.secs = timestamp / 1000000;
phdr->ts.secs = (time_t)(timestamp / 1000000);
phdr->ts.nsecs = ((int)(timestamp % 1000000))*1000;
phdr->caplen = packet_size;
phdr->len = orig_size;
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